I’m Steve Cross. I’m a public engagement and communication consultant, trainer and strategist.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

I’m a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, an Honorary Fellow of the British Science Association, chair of the Royal Society of Biology’s Science Communication Awards, a previous winner of the Josh Award, a chair of two judging panels for the National Public Engagement Awards and an advisor to public engagement projects across Europe.

For seven years I was Head of Public Engagement at UCL, and I’ve also worked for Wellcome Collection, The Science Museum and the Centre for Life. I was a member of the EPSRC‘s Strategic Advisory Team for Public Engagement.

You can book me to run your training courses, help you develop your organisation, or just for a chat at steve [AT] drstevecross.com or on Twitter at @steve_x

I’m a geeky stand-up comedian, gigging all over the world. I also act as comedian-in-residence to research projects.

I host and run Science Showoff, History Showoff, Books Showoff, Engineering Showoff and the rest of the family of chaotic cabarets.

I am mentoring 28 new voices in engagement and communication.