As part of my CLEVERmakeFUNNY project I help professionals of all kind use comedy to improve their communication skills, build confidence and find new solutions to the challenges of the workplace. I’ve worked with lawyers, engineers, architects, historians, scientists, programmers and many more communities to let out the humour hidden in their work and improve how they do they jobs. Read a review of Law Smash, where I made lawyers funny in aid of charity.

I offer half-day and full-day training sessions in comedy to corporate and education clients, focussing on helping them develop stand-up comedy skills that will improve performance and effectiveness in their working lives.

Mike Pitts, training client

I also help universities to establish branches of Bright Club, so that they can build a culture of making research funny to share it more widely. I’ve helped the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Surrey and many more in the past. Bright Club is spreading across the EU, with regular programmes across Ireland, France and Belgium.

Shalaka Kurup, training client