I help universities, museums and research-based organisations develop strategies to support and manage their public engagement, focussing on culture change to embed engagement across the institution. In my previous role at UCL I developed the public engagement strategy of one of the world’s best research universities, and created strategies for the Francis Crick Institute and the Farr Institute London.

I work with researchers, cultural organisations and performers to help them develop public projects and secure funding, as well as joining steering groups, funding committees and judging panels. In 2016 I was the chair of the judges of two of the six categories of the National Public Engagement Awards.

Previous clients include:
University of Oxford Gardens, Libraries and Museums; The Natural Environment Research Council; The British Academy; Korean Federation for the advancement of Science and Creativity; King’s College London; The Longitude Prize; Goldsmith’s University of London; Birkbeck University of London; the University of Utrecht; Royal Astronomical Society; National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement and the Royal Society of Biology.