“If it were not for Steve, I would neither have been invited to do a TED talk (1.9 million views since April 2015), nor would I have done it well.”- Prof Sophie Scott, UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

“Steve’s status as the UK’s Ultimate Sci Comms Maven has been incredibly useful to me for years.” – Sarah Punshon, Theatremaker & Curator

“…through his training, support, encouragement, cheerleading and graduated exposure to bigger and scarier stages, Steve has created a monster that just can’t stop sharing science with the public.” – Dr Suze Kundu, nanomaterials researcher and TV presenter

“His fresh perspectives, unflagging energy and infectious humour left me with renewed enthusiasm for my research and more confidence in getting it across” – a researcher on the Cultural & Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interaction project.

“Organizing a Bright Club is an ideal way to bring together scientists, science enthusiasts and the general public, and unite them in laughter.” – Ilja Van Braeckel, Redacteur & Projectcoördinator, VUB