“If it were not for Steve, I would neither have been invited to do a TED talk (1.9 million views since April 2015), nor would I have done it well.”- Prof Sophie Scott, UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

“My career wouldn’t be where it is today without Steve. His training and support has revolutionised my communication skills – both as an academic and a professional science communicator.” – Dr Anna Ploszajski, Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Making, and RAEng Young Engineer of the Year 2017.

“Steve’s status as the UK’s Ultimate Sci Comms Maven has been incredibly useful to me for years.” – Sarah Punshon, Theatremaker & Curator

“…through his training, support, encouragement, cheerleading and graduated exposure to bigger and scarier stages, Steve has created a monster that just can’t stop sharing science with the public.” – Dr Suze Kundu, nanomaterials researcher and TV presenter

“His fresh perspectives, unflagging energy and infectious humour left me with renewed enthusiasm for my research and more confidence in getting it across” – a researcher on the Cultural & Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interaction project.

“Organizing a Bright Club is an ideal way to bring together scientists, science enthusiasts and the general public, and unite them in laughter.” – Ilja Van Braeckel, Redacteur & Projectcoördinator, VUB